TARA ANGELL just completed a whirlwind promotional tour of Europe that included a live recording session at BBC 6Music in London on Tom Robinson's show 'The Evening Sequence'.  It can be heard by clicking here. She also appeared live on National Radio 4 in Amsterdam and Radio Popolare Live "Patachanka" in Milan, played in Paris and spent an afternoon in Berlin with various journalists and performed on Radio 1 in Berlin - national radio!!

- "In Tara Angell I hear a unique and beautifully vulnerable voice, refusing to sugar-coat bitter everyday tragedies, but instead fearlessly linger in the mysterious dark, and then surprise with sweet eroticism and intangible self-empowerment."
Lucinda Williams

- "Tara Angell's 'Come Down' is the darkest and truest record I've heard since early Black Sabbath"- Daniel Lanois

- "Tara has made a beautiful record that is dark, heartbreaking and tough at the same time"- Ron Sexsmith

"...She has songs and, it seems, she goes into a room with a bunch of sympathetic musicians, and she records them live, leaving in all those mistakes and imperfections which top producers delight in removing, along with all the humanity and spirit that made early blues and jazz recordings so wonderful...."- Hi Fi News UK November 2004
“A very interesting collection of songs; dark, sensitive, atmospheric and brooding…”Come Down” is close to Marianne Faithfull’s classic “Broken English”…Not hard to hear why Lanois and Sexsmith are intrigued by this particular siren”  - Get Rhythm/UK

Tara Angell: Come Down.
Reviewer: Craig Schmidt
"To get a bead on this album, it helps to jump to Mr. Faith, a song that opens with a cozy invite, like a warm bath. All soft-focus and conciliatory --but it is really just a way to let the ghosts come in uncontested. The song goes on to question motives and wonders just what makes for happiness. So it must be said that Tara Angell’s 12 song debut can take you to some dark places, but it never goes there without some hand-holding. Her soft (but edgy) voice always urging and placating you at the same time. But unlike many debut efforts, Tara never lacks for a strong point of view. She pushes the sadness with a distinctive sonic dizzyness. Its hypnotic and terrific fun to rock (like rocking chair) yourself to distraction. This is definitely an album for the fan of the quiet, but intense guitar interplay. It plays best at 3:00 am like Dylan’s country music station in Visions of Johanna. Tara (not unlike a certain Mr. Cave) plays with some southern gothic influences here. So she’s “never gonna love you, she’s “not your little girl” and there is “no silver lining” when it comes to you and her. The joys in life are swift, but retribution lasts a lifetime. But she’s no pushover and song titles like “The World Will Match Your Pain” and “You Can’t Say No to Hell” will assure you of that. However, despite the lack of an ebullient tone, Tara still comes across as unguarded and open in her expression. The production (handled by Joseph Arthur) is fantastic. Without such a deft hand, Tara might find it difficult to land on some many levels with such a variety of layers. Collaboratively, Tara and Joseph’s highpoint is Uneven, a song that mixes background chants with backwards guitar squeals to create on hell of an evil undertow. But mixed in with the sobriety, Tara interjects the humor of Bitch Please, which features the background chattering which recalls the Velvet Underground’s Murder Mystery. So “Come Down” is a collection of twelve songs that slaps like velvet gloves and pinches like peppermint schnapps, but with repeated plays will win your heart."

"Takes us to the brink of heartbreak..."
Reviewer: Hils
"...then gently wraps us in protection from the fall. Tara's vocal brilliance directs her lyrics straight into the heart. She will make you cry, give you goosebumps and somehow manage to bring hope for something better, if you can just find the right path. Joseph Arthur's production gives her songs the haunting quality we have come to love (and expect) from him. 'You gotta be brave if you wanna be saved' so be brave, immerse yourself in this music, let Tara heal your broken heart - and when you find me, I won't be waiting..."

"Fuckin Brilliant"
Reviewer: anti-trust fund news
"Tara Angell is a slow strip tease that leaves me shaking and beautifully

"I love this CD"
Reviewer: Jackson Young
"I love this CD. If Victor Kiam had of heard it, he would have bought the

TARA ANGELL - Come Down (Rykodisc)
Marianne Faithfull's voice, Bob Dylan's phrasing,, Bad Brains' spirit, Patti Smith's haunted aura, William Faulkner's pages, Flannery O'Connor's craft, Lucinda William's tenderness, Daniel Lanois broken breath, Lower East Side, Joseph Arthur Production, the "Come Down" masterpiece.
Massimo Cotto
Max Magazine - Italy (October)
4 stars


July 1, 2004 (New York, NY) On July 20th, critically acclaimed musicians David Poe, Duncan Sheik, Joseph Arthur and special guests will host a benefit for John Kerry at The Living Room in downtown Manhattan.
This show is being produced in conjunction with the Concerts for Kerry organization. Launched in NYC on April 7th, Concerts for Kerry has raised over $90,000 to date in more than 17 concerts in cities across the country. Comedians Jack Black & David Cross, indie rockers Ted Leo & The Capital Years, performance artists Penny Arcade & jazz musicians Joshua Redmond & Savion Glover are just some of the artists that have donated their talents.
The goal of the concert is to raise donations, empower voters and voice public support for John Kerry's candidacy. 100% of every ticket sale is directly contributed to John Kerry for President. All of the organizers, performers and venues are volunteers.
“These musicians are united by a want to change our country’s leadership, and each believes in their own way that getting Senator Kerry elected president is the best method, says artist David Poe, who helped organize the event. More than a series of sets by each artist, Poe says the evening is likely to feature “blind date collaborations between musicians, some clever rants and the odd superstar sighting.”
The July 20th benefit will feature headliners David Poe, Duncan Sheik & Joseph Arthur, as well as appearances by Laura Cantrell, Tara Angell, Rachel Loshak, Morgan Taylor and Katell Keineg.
David Poe has released two records out on Sony/Epic, the first of which was produced by Grammy winner T-Bone Burnett. He’s currently putting the finishing touches on a third.
Duncan Sheik, known for his hit "Barely Breathing", fuses instinctive lyrics with beautiful open tuned guitars.  His next record will be released this fall.
Joseph Arthur's mesmerizing wordplay and cyclical song forms have been hailed by Lou Reed, Daniel Lanois, T-Bone Burnett, who produced one of his 5 albums, and Peter Gabriel, who signed Arthur to his first record deal.    His latest record, "Our Shadows Will Remain " will be released by Vector Music in September.   
The Living Room is located at 154 Ludlow Street in Manhattan -  212-533-7235
Tickets for the July 20th benefit are $40 in advance at and are also available at the venue the night of the show.  “Happy Hour And A Half” begins at 6:30 p.m., with Teany iced teas and coolers (tea-and-juice fusions) provided by recording artist Moby. Showtime is 8 p.m.  
The July 20th event kicks off 5 days of performances at The Living Room that will raise money for Kerry. Confirmed to date are Craig Wedren, Matthew Caws of Nada Surf, Jesse Harris & The Ferdinandos, Kristen Hoffman, Heather Eatman & Jenifer Jackson.
For a detailed schedule please visit
Media contact: Pati deVries-Ames or Perry Serpa at Good Cop PR *